Christmas Decor Without Just Lights

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Christmas is around the corner and this year you may want to spice things up a bit. We tend to get in routines in a lot of aspects of our lives, and recognizing those ruts and changing them can feel so empowering. So start with the little things, maybe what you have for lunch, or the way you’ve arranged your room, or how you decorate for Christmas! Don’t just put a couple strands of ordinary white lights up on the bushes in front of your house this year, get crazy festive this year. Here are some unique ideas for Christmas decor:


Greenery puts a smile on everyone’s face. It makes us feel more welcome and more alive having plants around, especially on the front door of our home. So add a fun wreath this year for Christmas. There are so many kinds to choose from, from a simple pine wreath with a red bow to a wreath made out of tiny Christmas presents. You may get so crazy about your wreath that you want to have one up all year long. Lucky for you, there are great wreath ideas for all seasons. If you don’t feel comfortable choosing a wreath or hanging one yourself, have your Christmas lighting professionals help hang your other Christmas decor.

Christmas decor

Draping Ivy

Draping ivy around your front door can also be a nice welcoming gesture and will go great with a wreath on the front door. Some holidays fanatics may even add a little bit of mistletoe above their front door. But that could lead to lots of funny encounters with every guest that walks in!


White Christmases are coming fewer and farther between, but that doesn’t mean we can’t pretend. Hang some snowflakes from your gutters, from your porch, from anywhere you want to make your Christmas feel like a white Christmas. Maybe even have your kids make some paper snowflakes to hang inside. It’s festive and a fun art project.

Light Up Snowman

Another solution to dealing with a lack of snow in December is to buy your own Frosty. A light up snowman can be a great addition to any Christmas decor. With his smiling face and cheery eyes, the snowman in your front yard is likely to put a smile on all of your neighbors faces.

Christmas decor

Wooden Sled

Setting a little wooden sled on your front porch is a fun way to enhance your Christmas decor. It goes without saying that Christmas lights are a must for keeping the holiday spirit, but adding things around the outside of your home like a little wooden sled can be the perfect final touch to your decorating. Some sleds may even come with a little bow, some pines and pinecones to really make it look cute.

Bright White Star

The star is a common theme of Christmas, so adding one to your front door or somewhere tactfully in your front yard can really help get you in the Christmas spirit. If you feel you don’t have the expertise to know exactly where to place the star you’ve purchased, give a professional a call.

Your local Christmas lights company should have all the supplies you need to add not just lights to the outside of your home, but snowmen, sleds, wreaths and so much more. If you are looking for a trustworthy, classy Christmas decorating team give us a call at Amazing Decorations. We not only will help you pick out your lights and decorations, but can do all of your hanging and designing, so that you have the perfect yard for the holidays.