professional Christmas light installation

How to Choose a Professional Christmas Light Installation Service

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It’s the year, the year to finally a hire a professional team to hang your Christmas lights. No more off balance teetering on a ladder, no more broken bulbs and droopy strings. It’s time you took some of the stress of the holidays off of your shoulders, and let someone else handle both the hanging and the design of your Christmas lights. But don’t let just anyone get this precious job! Be selective in your choice. Here are some key things to consider when choosing a professional Christmas light installation service:

How much is each company’s quote?

Just like with any service that you hire for home repair or home installation, it’s important to at least compare a couple of companies to make sure you’re getting a fair price and are hiring reliable workers. For professional Christmas light installation, expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $10,000. Don’t be scared off by that second number– as that would be only for very extreme, extravagant decorations. It’s easy to keep the number around a couple hundred dollars.

Will the company provide the lights and decorations?

When considering the quote the company gives you, inquire into whether this includes the price of the lights and decorations. Will you be asked to supply your own decorations and simply have these professionals hang them for you? Find out every detail ahead of time, so there are no surprises.

professional Christmas light installation

Will the company listen to your ideas?

Some people want a decent amount of input when it comes to Christmas decorations, and others want to leave design ideas completely in the hands of the professionals. So when shopping around for professional Christmas light installation services, try to get a sense of the involvement they expect from their customers and if this matches your needs. Remember that these companies’ livelihoods revolve around decorating, so they can most likely offer some great insight when it comes to making your house stand out, but still look classy and festive. Maybe even just give them a color scheme to work off of, or give them an idea of just how many decorations you want on your house, in your yard, etc. 

How do the company’s previous jobs look?

Another important thing to look for when shopping around for professionals to hang your Christmas lights is what their past jobs look like. And do they have a portfolio to show you? Companies you can trust will have a portfolio of jobs of all shapes and sizes ready and willing to show off their work. This way you can get a feel of the work they do and the diversity of their designs. You don’t want your house looking like every other house on the block, and you also don’t want your house looking overly gaudy.

professional Christmas light installation

Will the company take care of maintaining the lights?

Winter weather can be unpredictable. And it can unfortunately also have effects on your Christmas lights. If wind or snow knocks Christmas lights off of your house or breaks bulbs in a light string, whose responsibility will it be to fix it? If you’re looking for true A+ service, hire a professional team who will periodically check on your outdoor lighting throughout the season to make sure it looks just as it did the first day of installation.

So, this year give yourself a treat and don’t bumble around dangerously on a ladder. Save yourself time and energy and hire a professional Christmas light installation team to hang your Christmas lights for you. These technicians should also be capable of installing any yard fixtures you need, wreaths you need hung, or musical sound effects you want to incorporate. Contact us today at Amazing Decorations for a free quote and some design ideas for your Christmas lights!