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The Colors of Christmas Lights: Which Will You Choose?

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A lot of thoughts can go into decorating your home for Christmas. First, what looks best? What is aesthetically pleasing to you, and to your neighbors? Secondly, what makes you feel something? Are there certain decorations that remind you of your very first Christmas, or remind you of a Christmas when you cooked the best Christmas cookies? These feelings are what make Christmas special. They’re what give the holiday a different meaning for each and every one of us.

So, this year when you choose your christmas lights and decorations, think about what these lights mean to you and the memories they bring with them. In fact, certain colored lights represent certain aspects of history. Here is a brief overview:

Blue Christmas Lights

The color blue has a couple of religious connotations. It is primarily associated with Mary, the mother of Jesus, who gave birth on Christmas. In ancient times, blue was a very treasured dye, worn only by the very wealthy. In fact, it was sometimes even more expensive than gold. Thus, Mary is usually drawn in shades of blue to emphasize her importance and beauty as an important figure in Christianity. Blues and purples are also associated with the season of Advent, which is the four week preparatory season before Christmas.

Christmas lights

In addition to its religious connotations, the color blue is also the color of the sky and ultimately where heaven is believed to be. So, it is consequently associated with grace, purity, and tranquility. Many people believe that blue is a very calming color as well. The holidays can be a crazy, hectic time for some, so try adding in some blue Christmas lights this year for an added sense of calm.

Gold Christmas Lights

In religious terms, the color gold reminds Christians of the wise men who visited Jesus. They followed a gold star in the sky to find him, and even gave the baby Jesus gold as a gift. Gold is a regal, classic color that is a fabulous complement to any Christmas decorations. Gold also reminds us of light in the darkness. Thus, it keeps hope for warmer, brighter times ahead.

Christmas lights

Green Christmas Lights

Green and red are the classic Christmas colors. We see green as very prevalent during the Christmas season for many reasons. For one, Romans and Egyptians used to exchange branches and decorate the inside of their homes with greens for good luck. Now, we decorate our homes with holly, ivy, mistletoe, and poinsettias for tradition sake, and to remind us that spring is indeed on its way. The color green gives us a sense of hope and a sense of presence of life. So if you want to try some colorful lights this year for Christmas, try green! Or decorate greens like your tree and outside bushes to light up their green.

Red Christmas Lights

The other main color staple of Christmas is red. Red has many religious connotations, such as representing the blood of Christ and the fall of Adam to the red apple. However, it was also used in olden times as a very regal color on many robes and other apparel. Red complements the green of a Christmas tree very well, and gives homeowners a warm holiday feel to their houses.

This year as you pick out your Christmas lights, don’t just think about how the lights look, think about what the lights mean to you and meant to history. What do these colors remind YOU of? Having a reason behind your choices can make the holidays feel all the more special. Give us a call today at Amazing Decorations and we’ll help you choose the best Christmas lights for your holiday decorating.