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Sprucing up Grandma’s NJ House with Holiday Lights

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You’ve reached the age where your grandparents are getting older. They aren’t as mobile as they used to be, they might not be as mentally with it as they used to be. But they’re still trying to enjoy life as best they can. This year for the holidays, you’ve decided you want to take care of their decorating for them. It’s going to be your gift to them– although you might hire some professionals to help you with the job.

Because your grandparent’s house in NJ is in a quieter neighborhood, you want to avoid the lights being too obnoxious. And besides, your grandparents are classy people and you want to be sure to stick to a style they would approve of. The holiday lights will be plentiful but very tasteful. Before you hire professional help for the purchasing and installation process, you want to inquire about what parts of the exterior of the NJ house, should have which holiday lights.

The House

The side of the house and around the gutters is where you begin your brainstorming. Mini lights and net lights are the basic, commonly chosen lights for the outside of the house. Because it’s your grandparents house, you’ll probably choose the white or gold lights, but the colorful C-9 bulbs did also catch your eye.

The Roof

Decorating the roof is where you’ll be the most thankful that you’ve hired a professional to help you with the holiday decorating. It can be a dangerous task and if you’re scared of heights, this is not the time to test your fears. But you can still be involved in the planning process. Collaborate with your holiday lighting specialists to choose whether you want the lights to match the sides of the house or not. Icicle lights and C-9 series lights are popular choices for decorating the roof of your house. Your professionals will make sure they are fastened to your roof and will be durable throughout the winter season.

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The Yard

Again because this is your grandparents home, you want to keep yard decorations to a classy minimum. You have chosen to place a large mega tree in their yard. This is a poll with lights streaming down from the top. When lit these holiday lights look like a cute tree in the yard. If your grandparents find this mega tree to be too gaudy, there are always mini trees that can be assembled and scattered around the yard as well. Now, if the home your decorating happens to have tons of trees in the front yard already, the mega tree may not be as good of an idea. a good alternative would be to wrap golden mini lights around the base and branches of the trees. It’ll create a spectacular ambiance, and will complement a snowfall very well. It’s probably wise to avoid blow up santa’s and the like for your grandparents home, but don’t hesitate to add them to your own front yard!

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Another idea you’ve considered for your grandparent’s front yard is to line the driveway with little lights. You want to maintain a consistent theme with your holiday lights, so you plan on keeping the lights along the driveway all one color. Ask your holiday lighting professional for tips on the best colors to complement your white and gold ensemble. Blue may be a good option.

Installing holiday lights is a task that needs to be planned out well ahead of time to get just the right look. It’s also a task that will definitely require some professional assistance. So, contact us today for a consultation about your holiday lighting needs as well as any sales or installation services.