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Christmas in June

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Its midway through June which marks the halfway point of the year. As of June 15th there are 194 days until Christmas. That may sound like a lot, but if you spend summer enjoying the Jersey Shore, before you know it, it will be back to school time, once the kids are in school, the time from September to December seems to fly by. Right now, as the weather gets hotter you probably aren’t thinking about professional Christmas light installation but why not? Are you going to wait until September and October when the days are shorter, nights are colder, and the year is getting busy.

Spring time is spring cleaning time, the garage and the storage units have been emptied of the summer time toys. The jet-skis and the floating tubes are out of the way. You might be able to actually see the Christmas decorations you boxed up and stored away just a few months ago. Now might be the only time you have complete access to the Christmas lights without a bunch of stuff in the way. What if you considered professional Christmas light decorations by Amazing Decorations? You wouldn’t have to worry about storage, set up, or break down from your Christmas lights.

Christmas Lights On Homes

When Christmas season creeps up in us, as it does every year, the days will get shorter, and before you know it, you’ll be down to hours to make your house the envy of the block. Do you really want to be up on the rooftop, running lights along your siding, hoping that the shaky ladder doesn’t leave you  a paraplegic? One wrong placement of a hand, one slippery shingle on a roof, and you could be spending Christmas in the hospital rather than in the decorated house.

Amazing Decorations has your house covered. They are a professional home decorating company, which is why even in the beginning of summer, they are thinking about your Christmas decorations. For over ten years Amazing Decorations has been installing professional Christmas light decorations for the entire New Jersey area. Don’t wait until November to think about your Christmas lights, you could make one phone call in June and know that December is already taken care of.

Amazing Decorations handles all aspects of Christmas light decorations, they handle everything from installation, set up, they even handle taking your lights down and storing them. Because no two houses are alike, and because this isn’t some cookie cutter organization, Amazing Decorations offers free home consultations. Let Amazing Decorations design a Christmas decoration theme that will turn your house into the envy of the block. Amazing Decorations prides itself on its professional customer service and will decorate your house in the best way possible.

Worried about the risk? The team at Amazing Decorations is professionally trained and completely insured. They provide the hardware and the lights, as well as a lifetime warranty for them as long as your a customer. There are no hidden fees or costs, the price Amazing Decoration gives covers installation, take down and storage of the lights year after year. Amazing Decorations uses state of the art, commercial grade LED lights, UL rated cords, and they even offer discounts for early installation and referrals.


So why worry about digging up last years Christmas lights? Why bother pulling out that extra tall ladder and risking life and limb on your roof top just to make your house sparkle? Let the professionals at Amazing Decorations take all that hassle off your hands. Schedule a free consultation today, and when Christmas comes creeping in, you can rest with your feet up, not miss a single moment of football season and know your house is going to be the brightest, most spectacularly decorated house on the block.